A payment may be made to a member of the Society:

a) for the reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses incurred on behalf of the Society where the payment does not exceed an amount approved by the committee;

b) for any service rendered to the Society in a professional or technical capacity, where the provision of that service has the prior approval of the committee and the amount payable is approved by a resolution of the committee and is on reasonable commercial terms; or

c) as an employee of the Society, where the terms of employment have been approved by a resolution of the committee. (TGSI 1999: Rule 40.3)


It is the responsibility of the President to ensure that:

  • Members are aware of this policy;
  • Any breaches of this policy are brought to the attention of the Management Committee and dealt with appropriately.

It is the responsibility of members to ensure that their applications for reimbursement conform to this policy.


Members incurring expenditure must discuss any proposed expenditure over $150 with the Treasurer and for any amount must wherever possible, receive, retain and produce receipts, invoices, vouchers, tickets, or other evidence of expenditure.

Members must also submit signed requests for reimbursement on the standard form to the Treasurer describing the nature and purpose of the expenses.

An expense claim must be supported by original receipts, invoices or similar. Credit card items must be accompanied by an itemised receipt. Each receipt or invoice should list:

  • Description of goods/services supplied;
  • Total charge, including GST;
  • Name and address of supplier; and
  • The date of supply

Where direct debit payments are to be made the following bank account details are required.

  • Name/s of Account Holder
  • BSB and Account Number

Claims for meetings must show the type of expense, the supplier, the cost and a reference to the source of expense. Expenses incurred as a result of a decision of the Management Committee need to refer to the activity decided upon by the Management Committee.

Expenditure relating to Grants

Claims for expenses made in respect of Grants received by The Glebe Society must:

  • Meet the above criteria AND
  • Include details of the Grant
  • Be authorised by the President


  • Management Committee on 9 October 2013