Currently there are 11 items (or groups of items) in Glebe which are listed on the State Heritage Register, which offers the highest level of statutory protection. These are :

Sze Yup Temple
Sze Yup Temple
  • Bellevue 55-57 Leichhardt Street
  • Glebe Railway Viaduct Wentworth & Jubilee Parks, Johnstons Ck
  • Hereford House 53 Hereford Street
  • Lyndhurst 61 Darghan Street
  • Monteith 266 Glebe Point Road
  • Pyrmont & Glebe Railway Tunnels Metropolitan Goods Railway
  • Reussdale 160 Bridge Road
  • Rothwell Lodge & Factory 24 Ferry Road
  • Sze Yup Temple & Joss House Victoria Road
  • Tranby 13 Mansfield Street
  • University Hall & Cottages 281-285 Broadway


This list should not be interpreted as representing the gamut of iconic and treasured heritage buildings in Glebe. Most of the items are listed because they were threatened or seriously at risk of demolition by neglect and thus became the subject of Permanent Conservation Orders.

The City of Sydney’s Local Environment Plan includes the above items but also lists a significant number of other Glebe buildings for their heritage merit. This list can be viewed at LEP Items of Environmental Heritage

The City has also designated seven specific zones in Glebe as Conservation Areas.

The National Trust has designated 50 items (or groups of items) in the Glebe Urban Conservation Area. Although the Trust classification carries no statutory authority, it carries significant moral weight. The Trust listing can be viewed at National Trust Register