Foley Park - low on the Wireless House wall

Materials: Metal


Wireless House

Commissioned in November of
1934, the Wireless House was
officially opened in February
1935. A wireless set was donated by
Grace Brothers, Broadway, operated
from 10am until 10.15pm on a
daily basis until the 1960s.

In 2009 the Wireless House was
“sonically re-activated” by the artist
Dr Nigel Helyer. As proposed by
Helyer, the site includes a free
wireless internet connection, sensor
activated audio and a website.

Recordings that can be heard have
been provided by the National Film
and Sound Archive and by members
of the Glebe Community’s Glebe
Bytes Oral History Group.

Pictured left are popular radio
personalities Jack Davey (L) and
Adelaide Radio Station SDN
Chief Announcer, Alan Sanders,broadcasting live during the
mid to late 1950s.


Posted on September 16, 2015 for Peter Thorogood

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