132a St John's Road - in garden at rear

ID Number: PLQ0315
Materials: Metal set into angled sandstone
Dimensions: 400mm wide x 300mm high 830mm high at rear, 760mm high front
Condition: 6


Leichhardt Council 
To Commemorate
the planting of the Tree of Life at St John’s Bishopthorpe Parish Hall on Sunday 29th August 1999
210 years of the Glebe Lands grant to Rev. Richard Johnson, the first Australian Anglican chaplain on the 29th August 1789 by
Governor Arthur Philip/ the Glebe Administration Board of the Church of England sold the Glebe Lands, (under the Glebe Lands Appropriation) act of 1974, to the Government of the Hon. E. Gough Whitlam, AC on the 6th August 1974
This plaque was unveiled on this day by Councillor Kristine Cruden, mayor of Leichhardt and the Hon. Tom Uren, AC
29th August 1999
The Residents of Glebe The Glebe Society 
The Leichhardt Municipal Council
Mayor Councillor Kristine Cruden
Councillor Neil Macindoe
Councillor Marie Sheehan
Councillor Bob Heffernan
Councillor Kate Butler
Deputy Mayor Councillor Arthur Drew
Councillor Harry Sidaway (spl?)
Councillor Alice Murphy
Councillor Larry Hand
Councillor Sue Stock
Councillor Evan Jones

Posted on September 8, 2015 for Peter Robinson

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