132a St John's Road - On outside wall on left of side entrance off garden

ID Number: PLQ0313
Materials: Set into sandstone and now behind scratched clear plastic
Dimensions: 600mm wide x 500mm high in form of arch
Condition: 6


Be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life
This hall is dedicated to the memory of the 
Rev. J.F.G Olds Th. L.J.P
Rector of this Parish from 1953 to 1971
Our pastor and friend
This hall was opened and dedicated by
Rev J.P. Reid BA Th.L
On 15th September 1974
The brick and stone work used, including the setting for this plaque are from the original Parish church built on this site in 1856 and destroyed by fire in 1972
Rector Rev. B.J.Skellett B.A. Th.L
Church Warden
J.J. Mason
This plaque was donated by the 55th BYN ASS of which Mr Olds was chaplain for 18 years
Building fund treas.
K.R. Rowlands J.P

Posted on September 8, 2015 for Peter Robinson

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