140 Glebe Point Road - Foley Rest Park

ID Number: PLQ0325
Materials: Stone
Condition: 9


Inside the memorial are the names of 163) soldiers from Glebe who died during the first World War. They are not alphabetical, though the G.S. Bulletin lists them in this way in the July/August 2000 issue.
Here they are listed as they appear in the memorial.
“These names will live for ever more”
Anderson J.A.
Anthony F.J.
Armstrong J.
Barber W.
Barnard C.F.
Barnes G.J.E
Beer A.J.
Bishop E.T.W.
Blake F.G.
Bowen G.L.
Bradshaw T.E.
Brooker C.W.F
Brown H.
Burns R.H.
Butcher C.
Chapman N.E.
Chase W.E.
Clarke Ed
Clarke Ev
Cohen C.S.
Collins A.C.
Colman F.
Cotter J.
Coulter E.
Curtis F.H.
Curtis W.R.
Dawson H.C.
Davies R.
Dobbie H.
Dollar A.
Drummond C.
Dummett J.H.
Dunn H.A.
Egan J.M.
Erickson W.
Faerber A.H.
Faerber A.W.
Fender A.E.B.
Field N.
Fitzgerald E.I.
Flannigan P.
Freeman E.
Freeman I.
Gell W.
Asquith J.
Brown F.J.T.
Brown A.E.
Butt A.E.
Carter I.A.
Corksedge J.H.”

Next column
“Gibbs P.L.
Gould T.J.
Gully F.
Hamester F.H.
Harris S.W.
Harvey L.A.
Hedges L.J.
Hellyer O.A.
Herd J.L.
Hill C.S.
Hodgkinson H.B.
Ikin L.
Jackson A.H.
Johns W.J.
Johnson H.J.
Johnstone K.
Jones J.J.
Kelly C.O.
Keogh J.
King H.S.
Lawson S.
Laycock E.C.
Commons H.
Dawson L.J.
Diews C.H.J.
Jones W.
Judd H.E.”

New column
“Leffler H.
Linn J.
Lloyd J.A.
Locke C.
Logen H.
Loveridge A.E.
Mackie A.L.
Maltrby G.
Marshall W.H.
Medley W.T.
Muller W.B.R.
Morgan R.
Morrison J.
Miur J.M.
Mulcahy M.T.
Mulhall J.C.
Murphy E.
Murphy T.
Murray H.
McDonald W.T.
McGlynn D.E.
McGlynn B.E.
McCloin? J.M.R
McInerney ? G.
McKay F.W.
McKinnery M.J.M?
McLoed S.J.
McMahon O.P.
McPhee W.
Miller R.D.
Moore H.H.?
Piggott H.J.
Richardson F.
Sampson A.G
Smith A.J.”

New column
“Neaves E.O.
Neaves H.C.
Nelson A.P.G.
Nugent W.
Nurcombe A.
Oswin A.E.
O’Brien J.
O’Connell D.F.
Paston W.H.
Pigott W.E.
Power T.
Prendergast W.J.
Quinnell J.
Rayfield E.
Reilly T.
Rickens C.F.
Robinson C.
Robinson R.H.
Saunders F.
Sanders W.
Seater W.A.
Sharp R.
Sharpe W.
Shea J.
Simons S.
Simmons F.
Sinclair W.
Spence O.
Spriggsw E.W.
Spowart A.
Sullivan E.
Taplin C.
Thompson J.T.
Thomson G.R.
Townsend E.J.
Tunbridge E.H.
Tapper C.
Ward C.A.
Warr H.E.A.
Warner J or I?
Waters W.J.H.
Weeks R.R.
Wilson J.W.
Williams A.A.
Williamson S.
Thomas A.E.
Wellings E.R.
Williams J.W.
Zeisser P.
Green F.P.


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