186 Glebe Point Road - Plaque on right wall at entrance

ID Number: PLQ0338
Materials: Bronze
Dimensions: 350mm wide x 250mm high 1200mm above ground
Condition: 8


Leichhardt Municipal Council
Was officially opened by
Sandra Nori MP
On 19th April 1997
The significant contribution of the community to this project is acknowledged
Cr K. Cruden (mayor)
Cr S. Stack (deputy mayor)
Cr C. Bourne
Cr K. Butler
Cr A. Drew
Cr L. Hand
Cr R. Heffernan
Cr M. Hewitt
Cr E. Jones
Cr N. Macindoe
Cr M. Sheehan
Cr H. Sidaway

Posted on September 8, 2015 for Peter Robinson

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