Bicentennial Park - on the eastern side & opposite Esther Abrahams Pavilon

ID Number: PLQ0340
Materials: Steel
Dimensions: 490mm at the rear, 615mm wide x 445mm high, set in sand stone at an angle - 860 mm wide x 800 mm
Condition: 7


Leichhardt Municipal Council
Bicentennial Park
Stage 2
Officially opened on 3rd September 1995 by
Cr. Larry Hand – Mayor
Members of Council
Cr. K Hacking
Cr L.Hand 
Cr. N. Origlass
Cr. B. Heffernan (Mayor
Cr. H. Sidaway
Cr. E. Jones
Cr K. Butler
Cr. T. Snape
Cr. N. McIndoe (deputy Mayor)
Cr. S. Stock
Cr. C.O?Brien
Cr. H. Styles/ P.M. Head Chief Engineer
A.W. Woodward General Manager
Bicentennial Park Stage 2 has been established on former industrial land which was transferred to the care of Leichhardt Municipal Council by the Maritime Services Board in December 1991. This two hectare site was transformed into a waterfront park through the voluntary efforts of the Save Rozelle Bay campaign and J.A. Bradshaw P/L earthmoving contractors. The creation of the Bicentennial Park Stage 1 and 2 reflect the vision and determination of the residents and Leichhardt Municipal Council to protect and enhance the community environment

Posted on September 8, 2015 for Peter Robinson

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