Bicentennial Park - beside Rozelle Bay

ID Number: PLQ0331
Materials: Two plaques mounted on a single stone plinth
Dimensions: 395mm high (rear) 140mm high front, 800mm deep, Two plaques inlaid on plinth - 1.70m wide
Condition: 9


Municipality of Leichhardt
Bicentennial Park – Glebe
1788 -1988
The hon. Nick Greiner MP
Premier of New South Wales
Gerald Gleeson
New South Wales
Bicentennial Council
Les McDonald
General Manager
Maritime Services Board
Doug Spedding
Mayor, Leichhardt Municipal Council
This park was an industrial wasteland and is the culmination of the vision and struggle of the local people. It was developed by Leichhardt Council as a bicentennial project with financial assistance from the New South Wales Bicentennial council. The park is the result of joint effort by the New South Wales Government, the maritime Services Board and Leichhardt municipal council.

Posted on September 8, 2015 for Peter Robinson

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