179 Glebe Point Rd

There is an application for this shop, part of the intact row of Heritage shops known as Elphinstone Terrace after the architect who designed them, to become a pharmacy. The Society has objected to the installation of a steel roller shutter, contrary to Council’s heritage controls.

25 Glebe Point Rd, Ancient Briton (‘AB’) Hotel

The backlit advertising on the upper floor windows mentioned in the May Bulletin has been removed as we requested. It contravened Council’s Advertising controls.

87 Bay St

Oakstand Pty Ltd, the new developers of this site, the former Government Garage site on the corner of Wentworth Park Rd, gave a presentation to the Committee on 9 Jul. We expect a development application will be lodged shortly.

The site is immediately adjacent to the Department of Housing affordable housing site that has been neglected for so long. City Council approved an amendment to the CityPlan to allow greater height and density at 87 Bay St in return for a significant affordable housing element, in this case 7.3% or 23 dwellings.

The plans we saw are the result of a design competition and a considerable improvement over those presented to the Committee in 2012. There is a major pedestrian link, including seating, through the centre of the site to Wentworth Park, which is proposed to have the existing College of Hair and Beauty on the western side and publicly accessible retail (such as cafés) on the eastern. There are four residential towers of unequal height rising above a podium housing the College and other businesses.

Members of the Committee asked some searching questions, and we can anticipate thorough scrutiny when the DA is advertised.

44 Glebe Point Rd, Hartford

This is probably the best known of the Federation mansions in Glebe, and is of course a Heritage Item. The new owners have applied to make a number of changes, including making the basement habitable, the ground floor more open, and some facilities more modern.

Most of these changes are internal, except for the pavilion. The grounds are also proposed to be relandscaped. This would include removal of eight trees, including two that are very prominent, a magnolia and a fig, that are claimed to be causing some problems with the front fence. There does not appear to be any intention to recreate period landscaping. There is no doubt the removal of the magnolia, especially, will be very noticeable. Two small verandahs at the rear that have been enclosed some time after the house was built will be opened up, and a new glass pavilion erected on a mushroom pillar.

I have a certain sympathy with these changes. My recollection of the interior is that while large, it is split into small and inconvenient spaces. However, this is an important building and garden, and hence significant changes should be run past the National Trust and Council’s Heritage Advisor.