An unusually large number of applications were advertised over the holiday period, when many people were away. The Society will request Council to actively discourage this practice, as it results in many interested residents being denied a chance to adequately consider the impact of proposals, and to lodge comments.

Bellevue, 55A Leichhardt St
This is the most egregious example of inadequate advertising and notification. The cottage is a Heritage Item, and previously operated as a café until 18 months ago. During this period of operation the Society did not receive any complaints. However, there were widespread concerns about the limited hours of operation, and its closure on Mondays.

It is desirable that, as a Heritage Item, Bellevue should be occupied again as the best means of security, and the most effective way is for it to be a business open to the public.

However, there are quite a few questions about the current proposal that need to be resolved before it is approved. These concerns are widely shared, and it is likely the new lessee will operate under the existing DA until the issues are properly addressed.

Former Waratah Hotel, 92 Glebe Point Rd
This is another Heritage Item that until recently operated as a very popular bar (‘Mr Falcon’s’), but it is closer to residences and attracted more complaints. There needs to be more effective control of noise and restrictions on activities overflowing onto verandahs and footpaths.

Yelvertoft, 75 Hereford St
This stone farmhouse is yet another Heritage Item, and like the previous example, probably dating from the 1870s or earlier. However, it is not as well known, partly because it has always operated as a residence, and partly because it has been further obscured from the roadway by the construction of three modern terraces along the Hereford St boundary, so it can only be viewed through a narrow driveway.

Despite this obscurity it is a rare and curious building that until the 1990s was on a Department of Lands lease. It is in fact a little bit of country NSW in the middle of the nation’s largest city. The rear boundary is formed by Alfred Rd, which is actually a rear lane. The proposal is to build further terraces along that boundary. Other modern terraces have already been built on Alfred Rd toward Minogue Cres, and the Society is arguing that any further terraces should share their generous setbacks, and that the footpath provided by those setbacks should be extended along the entire terrace. At the same time, an adequate curtilage should be provided for Yelvertoft.

Yelvertoft (image: Phil Young)

Bidura, 357 Glebe Point Rd
There is a further application for this major Heritage Item. However, despite its length it consists of relatively minor changes as a result of the previous Mediation, and further documentation and arguments in support of the existing proposal, so there is no need for a response. It will all be dealt with in the appeal, beginning on 26 February.

Harold Park
The last Mirvac apartment block will be completed very soon. The Affordable Housing building, on the corner of Wigram Rd and Ross St, is to be built by City West Housing, and will probably begin in April and be completed toward the end of next year. In the new park the remedial drainage works are well under way, and should be complete mid-2018. The heritage-listed Water Tower is being restored, and its future position near the Tramsheds is still being discussed by Mirvac and the City.