The level of development activity continues to be low. We received a report of units in Rosebank St being converted to student housing, which we referred to Council, should they need to act.

Tramsheds Growers’ Market
On Sunday 3 June, from 8am until 1pm, the Tramsheds held its first Growers’ Market. It is entirely indoors and includes most of the providores on site, plus a range of stalls from elsewhere. It is small but diverse. The first day was successful for most participants, so we can expect it to continue.

Harold Park
The newly laid turf was top dressed during the first week of June. The soaking rain means the grass is already appearing through it.

However, here is an extract from an email from Raewyn Broadfoot (Council Officer responsible for events in parks):

Sorry for the delay in responding to your email about Harold Park to be a potential site for National Tree Day 2018.

Unfortunately Harold Park will not be officially opened until October 2018, however we happy to review the site for a potential location for National Tree Day for 2019.

National Tree Day 2018, we are proposing to have two small plantings this year, one at Arthur Paddy Gray [Reserve], Hereford St Glebe and the other at Sydney Park, St Peters as both have interest from the local community to develop a new Bushcare group.

We will register these sites with National Tree Day – Planet Ark and place the details on the City’s What’s On calendar for Sunday 29 July.

There is no mention of a partial opening at an earlier date, but this is still possible.

Proposed Amendment to DCP 2012: Broadway between Glebe Point Rd and former Grace Bros
On Monday, 18 June, Council resolved to display for 28 days for public comment an Amendment to DCP 2012 for a current group of shops fronting Broadway from the junction of Glebe Point Rd to the Broadway Centre, the former Grace Bros. The Amendment will be displayed online and at the one-stop shop at Glebe Library (and can currently be viewed here: The Amendment includes the listing of an additional Heritage Item (the four storey Edwardian building in the middle of the row), an increase in the height limit to match the Broadway Centre, to enable buildings up to four storeys, and a corresponding increase in floor space.

My immediate reaction is that an increase is justified, provided the commercial character of the strip at ground level is retained, and any residential development, such as student housing, be strictly controlled to achieve a satisfactory level of accommodation, and be affordable. Given the sensitive nature of the site, between Heritage buildings, and opposite a Heritage listed park, a design competition would appear appropriate.

If you get the chance, please examine the proposal and let the Society know your views so they can be incorporated in the formal response.

The building on Broadway that Council would like listed as a heritage item. (Image: V. Simpson-Young)