By Tim Hesketh, Editor, Bulletin 3/2024, May

Saxophonist in Glebe Point Road, Image: Mary Regan
Sax on the street

Mary Regan

Mary shows the excitement of Glebe in party mode. The expression on the face of the saxophonist is marvellous, showing a naughty pleasure in his art.  Mary is the winner of this month’s photographic competition.

View of Bicentennial Park

Caroline Lipovsky

The photo captures the contrast between the colourful (garish) fabric fencing protecting us from asbestos (so topical) with the sturdy, marvellous fig tree behind, which is a feature of this park.

82 Wentworth Park Road, empty and neglected

Phillip Vergison

How do you capture the effect of an empty space? While this photograph is attractive and interesting, it cleverly shows the desolation of the vacated buildings, emphasised by the photographic angle.