At our February meeting, the possibility of a future capture and release programme to reintroduce blue wrens into Glebe was discussed. It is planned to hold initial discussions with Bird Life Australia about the mechanisms for such a translocation of a bird species.

On Sunday 1 February 2015, the Orphan School Creek Bushcare Group held a working bee to remove weeds.The future management of the park was discussed following the submission of a draft work plan to the City of Sydney (Sophie Golding, Urban Ecology Coordinator and Raewyn Broadfoot, Community Garden and Volunteer Coordinator). The next working bee and planting day will be held at 9 am on Sunday 22 March 2015. On Saturday 18 April 2015, the City is organising a community planting day in the park – plants will be provided by the City and it is planned to replace flora along the creek site.

The Glebe Bushcare Group continues working each Wednesday morning from 8:30am. In December, further weeding occurred near the timber yards adjacent to the light rail viaduct and in January rubbish was collected from the footpath and verges along The Crescent.

The Palmerston Ave and Surrounds Landcare Group has continued discussions with Raewyn Broadfoot, Community Garden and Volunteer Coordinator for the City. It is planned to distribute a flyer to local residents informing them of the work plans for the pocket parks (Palmerston Ave and Sarah Pennington Reserves, and Glebe light rail stop) in 2015.

In John Street Reserve, work has been completed on the restoration and repair of the wall on the western boundary, and the adjacent area has been planted with native flora. A tap has been installed in the Reserve near the St James Ave entrance and local residents have asked the City to also install an irrigation system for the Reserve which would utilise water from the tanks located adjacent to the western tennis court in St James Park. The City has released for comment an Endorsed Concept Plan (prepared by ASPECT Studios) for the establishment of a blue wren habitat garden in the Reserve. The Subcommittee confirmed that to protect the habitat and demonstration garden, the Reserve should be fenced and declared as a dog-free zone. Following discussion regarding the flora to be planted in the Reserve, it was agreed that an on-site meeting should be held involving the City, ASPECT Studios, Friends of John Street Reserve Inc, local residents and the Subcommittee to finalise the selection of plants.

The only recent maintenance in the Paddy Gray Reserve has been mowing of the lawns. Jan Craney, a member of the Subcommittee, has spoken with those in the City responsible for park maintenance and a generic plan of management for all pocket parks in the City will be finalised this year. The Work Plan for the Reserve will be updated by the City in early 2015. In the Glebe Town Hall Garden, the native flora is thriving and additional areas will be planted at the same time as this year’s plantings in John Street Reserve.