The fourth stage or precinct of the residential zone is now on exhibition. This stage consists of two very different buildings. 4A is next to the cliff beneath Maxwell Rd. It proposes 53 units, arranged in three floors on the cliff side and four floors on the park side. It is designed by a different architect, and to increase the natural light and cross ventilation the apartments project at angles on both sides. It has 50 car spaces spread over basement and ground level carparks. It is proposed to have a green planted roof, and not to rise above the cliff line. It is 26m from the Tramsheds, and the access is via Maxwell Rd. This is the only building in the development to be reached from Maxwell Rd, and the access road leading down to it does not connect to any other road or building, including the Tramsheds. Below is an impression of 4A shown from above, which makes the green roof and relation to the cliff and Maxwell Rd clear. This is one of a number of impressions in the Mirvac application.

Building 4A proposed for Harold Park (Image: Mirvac)
Building 4A proposed for Harold Park (Image: Mirvac)

Apart from the parking issue, the main concern is the access from Maxwell Rd. This access means 50 vehicles will travel through the Toxteth Estate, but given the number of vehicles that move to and from St Scholastica’s and the waterfront parks in addition to current resident vehicles, the increase will not be very noticeable. The different design of 4A appears to be an appropriate adaptation to the site, and a welcome variation from the general uniformity of the other residential buildings.

4B is 100m further west, on the other side of the proposed park, and continues the line of buildings forming Precinct Two. It is eight storeys high, and is of similar design to the Precinct Two buildings, with two storey apartments with street frontages on the ground and first floors. It has two levels of basement parking with 98 spaces.

The six precincts of residential building are unequal in size. Three precincts have so far been approved, and these contain approximately two thirds (829) of the total of 1 250 dwellings. The renovation of the Tramsheds and the plan for the proposed new park have also been approved.
The internal road system is also under construction, and the connections with Wigram Rd, and the intersection with Minogue Cres, which is the main vehicle access, are nearing completion. These works have to be finished before the first dwellings are occupied, and that will be within the next couple of months. There will be little additional traffic flow until more buildings are completed.