Over the next six months The Glebe Society will invite distinguished and interesting speakers to give Glebe Voices talks.  The speakers will be our members, or people who live in Glebe or have had a special affi liation with Glebe. Our first speaker will be Dr David McIntosh AM who introduced and maintains one of Glebe’s Cultural Assets, the Glebe Music Festival. David no longer lives in Glebe but will be in Australia during the festival and will talk with members of the Society at Blackwattle Café during a lunch on Thursday 10 November,
12 noon to 1pm.
His topic will be the Origins of the Glebe Festival, which will lead to discussion on origins of community events, enhancing communities, other music festivals, and of course music. There is no charge for the lunch but people pay for their own lunch. Places are limited to 16 people so that we can engage in discussion. Book by phoning Carole Herriman on 9571 9092 or John Gray on 0420 303 847.