Janet Wahlquist, President, Glebe Society Bulletin 4/2021, June 2021

The Glebe Society has objected to a proposal for a Concrete Batching Plant and Handling Facility at White Bay.1 According to the proposal,2 the proposed Concrete Batching Plant and Handling Facility will consist of a 24-hour a day, seven-day a week operation. The facility will consist of six 34-metre-high silos, six 25 metre concrete batch silos, and other infrastructure. The proposal is that the plant will be supplied with materials by boat, and the concrete and aggregate will be moved out by truck at the rate of 182 trips per hour.

The Glebe Society believes this will seriously impede the development of a waterfront path that we have been campaigning for. It will be detrimental to pedestrian and cyclist movement in the area. We are also concerned that it could impact the desirability of restoring the Glebe Island Bridge into an attractive pedestrian/cycle route. It is also contrary to the promises of increased access to the waterfront under the Bays West Strategy. We are concerned that it returns heavy industry to the inner-city foreshore.

It is argued that this plant is to replace the one that was removed from the site that is to become the new Sydney Fish Market. However, this is much larger with many more truck movements and longer hours of operation.

Is this desirable? Is this necessary?? A photomontage of the proposed concrete batching plant (Source: https://www.ipcn.nsw.gov.au/)

The Glebe Society has voiced our concern about the impact of increased shipping on the ecology of our local waters. We are also concerned that the concrete plant will generate noise that carries over water, and will likely impact the residents of Glebe and Forest Lodge.

There has been recent media coverage of a Government plan to build a park on the top of the Batching Plant (see the Sydney Morning Herald article by Megan Gorrey dated 27 May, ‘What does that mean?’: Park above inner west concrete plant sparks confusion3).

So far, we have heard no details as to what is proposed. It sounds like it could be a plan to try and placate local opposition.

The opportunity for objection has been extended until 4 June 2021.

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