The State Minister for Heritage, The Hon Robyn Parker, has agreed to the Heritage Council’s recommendation that the 1903 Glebe Island Bridge be added to the State Heritage Register. This gives the bridge the highest level of heritage protection. The Glebe Society applauds the Minister’s decision.

The National Trust, heritage engineers and community groups, including the Glebe Society, had sought the listing of the bridge on the State Heritage Register because of concerns that some sections of government were pressing for active (as opposed to passive!) demolition.

The National Trust has noted that the Glebe Island Bridge is considered to be the better example of its type than its nearby ‘twin’, the Pyrmont Bridge. The latter, ironically, has been accorded the status of a National Engineering Landmark.

Heritage protection is the first step. A Conservation Management Plan for the preservation and ongoing management of the bridge must be devised, embraced and implemented by Government. It is hoped that the bridge can continue to serve a useful and important role as a pedestrian and cycle conduit, whilst preserving orderly maritime access to the bays precinct.