Heritage Audit commenced
The Committee has commenced an audit of all State and Local Heritage listings within Glebe and Forest Lodge. It has already become obvious that some listings can be updated given new information, and that in some cases the information may be incorrect.

The desired outcome is that a correct inventory of listings will facilitate better education of the membership and community at large, and significantly stimulate a focus towards further listings and the hurdles to jump to achieve them.

Toxteth Hotel Well
In late 2018 the Committee inspected the remains of a 19th century well in the basement of the Toxteth Hotel in the presence of James Flexner, Lecturer in Historical Archaeology and Heritage at The University of Sydney. His observations were that ‘as the well is mostly stable and not under threat of development, the best position is to take a non-interventionist approach (in line with the recommendations of the Australia ICOMOS Burra Charter) … Basically leave the well alone, checking it occasionally’.

His further advice is that ‘the features could be classed as relics (under the NSW Heritage Act) and so any activities that might impact these would need to have a significant assessment carried out by a qualified archaeologist ahead of time. This might conclude that the features should be protected under NSW heritage legislation’.