Oh frabjous joy, calloo callay; Glebe Island Bridge is here to stay.

“And so this is Christmas and what have you done?”

We have been very busy and our campaigns are listed on the website. In particular I mention our work with the Better Planning Network to ameliorate excesses in the proposed planning legislation and our continual calls for open community consultation.

We have supported the Glebe community directly and by our influence. These things cost but they progress our aims and engage our community. So when we have our Christmas Party we are holding raffles and auctions to replenish our coffers.

Buy, bid, tell your friends.

Why not give friends membership of The Glebe Society? If you join them now their membership will run from January 2014 to July 2015. They will get an extra six months by your gift. We get new members. Glebe gets more influence. You can do this online and we will have forms at the Christmas Party.

The Final Draft Strategy 2013 – 2019 for The Glebe Society Engaging Glebe is on the website for members’ feedback. Once feedback has been received, it will be amended; and I expect Strategy to be authorised at the December management committee meeting.

Members’ Representatives on the Management Committee have taken on the role of staying in touch with 2013 new members and ensuring they get what they need from TGS. Their first phone calls will be over the next few weeks. They are going to find out “whether you have been naughty or nice” and invite you to our Christmas Cocktails.

Welcome to new members: Lesley-Gaye Wong, Randall Wong and Lyndon Wong.