Janet Wahlquist, Glebe Society Bulletin 4/2021, June 2021

A member of the Glebe Society attends Community Safety Precinct Committee Meetings for the Leichhardt Police Area Command. We thought members might be interested in some of the Crime Statistics for 2021.

Break and Enter Offences (dwellings, including locked garages)

  • 77 for Leichhardt Command; 27 in Glebe 2037, which accounts for 35% of all offences
  • 15 of the 77 were storage cages in underground car parks
  • 21 persons arrested (may be for multiple offences)
  • 80% of those arrested from outside the Command area

Break and Enter Offences (non-dwellings Commercial premises, churches schools etc)

  • 26 incidents in Leichhardt Command area
  • 8 in Glebe (3 at Broadway)

Assault (Not Domestic Violence)

  • 91 incidents in Leichhardt Command area
  • 38 in Glebe (38% on Bay St or Glebe Point Rd)
  • 24 overall alcohol-related


  • 7 in Leichhardt Command area
  • 5 in Glebe (2 in Bay St)
  • only 1 alcohol-related
  • predominately juveniles

Steal Motor Vehicles

  • 31 in total

Steal from Motor Vehicle

  • 126 in Leichhardt Command area
  • 17 in Glebe (Harold Park was a hot spot)
  • Police advise that most steals from motor vehicles are opportunistic when people leave their vehicles unlocked or property clearly visible in the vehicle.

Domestic violence assaults and domestic related offences

  • 202 incidents in Leichhardt Command area
  • 76% resulted in legal action (charging or taking out Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders)
  • Superintendent Alf Sergi reported that Domestic Violence is a key area of active policing and that compliance checks for Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders and Victim Support were actively pursued.
  • For your information, 80% of homicides are domestic-related.