There is a rather beautiful Christmas tradition; to welcome a stranger to your place at Christmas. The compassion and generosity of such an action is widely recognised as that of a caring society and so it is with The Glebe Society at Christmas.

The Glebe Society would like to support Elsie Women’s Refuge and welcome these strangers to Glebe. We are again doing so by co-ordinating Christmas gifts for resident families. There are five mothers in residence at present, with children ranging from one baby girl, three pre-school girls aged 3, 4 and 5, two pre-school boys aged 2 and 3, to a 17 year old girl. There is also a single young lady, 18 years of age, who is on her own. If you would like to provide a gift or two for some of these family members please contact Janice Challinor by phone 0401 505 657 or email to indicate what you have in mind, or to receive a suggestion. I will collect gifts over the next few weeks and deliver them to Elsie on Wednesday 21 December.