from Bulletin 1/2023, March 2023

Centipede is a registered charity providing before school, after school and vacation care. Our services include breakfast, a hot meal in the afternoons, a food pantry and referrals to other services when required. 

Glebe Public School is a diverse community, with one of the highest populations of First Nations children in Sydney and 54% of our families speak another language other than English at home. The Centipede community reflects the Glebe community, with a large number of families coming from lower socioeconomic households.  That being said, we work very hard to make sure that these differences are not visible to the children who attend Centipede.  

Centipede is supported by fees paid by families, grants and donations from businesses and members of the public. However, unavoidable increases in costs over the last year have made it difficult to facilitate some programs and excursions, especially in the school holidays when we aim to give the children stimulating experiences beyond Glebe.

Glebe Public School in Glebe Point Road

It would be wonderful if any Glebe Society members would be willing to sponsor an individual child or entire group to go on an excursion in the school holidays this year. In addition to our regular program costs, it costs approximately $50 more to take a child on an excursion (including entrance fees and coach hire). Total costs for excursions range from $1500 to $2200 (budgeted for 56 children and 7 educators). A list of potential excursions and their exact costs can be accessed on our website,

We are able to accept donations via bank transfer or PayPal. Please see the ‘Make a donation’ section of our website or email for more information. As a registered charity, all donations to Centipede are tax-deductible. 

We are very thankful for the Glebe Society members who have supported Centipede in the past and continue to do so.