Phil Young, Bulletin 8/2021, October 2021

The recent Glebe Society Update email called for members’ donations to the Glebe Youth Service’s campaign for funds for their good work in the Glebe area to provide food parcels and other practical support during the pandemic. Whilst it is called the Glebe Youth Service, they are providing a very wide range of support to whole families in Glebe at this time.

GYS is using the GiveNow crowdsourcing site to raise funds to support local youth and others during the pandemic (source:

Within two days of our email to members the GYS ‘GiveNow’ funding portal at showed that combined donations via GiveNow and direct bank deposits to GYS raised over $20,000. Given the Society appeal began before it went to the wider public, it would seem that Glebe Society members contributed most of this amount. That is an extraordinary effort by our members which deserves a heartfelt ‘Thank You’.

Donations are currently over $25,000 and this has allowed GYS to put in place a range of initiatives to support those in need. The number of families needing support is growing each day and it is expected these will continue to increase over the next few weeks, if not months. Additional donations are welcome to provide more help to needy families in Glebe, and all donations are fully tax deductible.

We will let you know if more targeted support is needed. We have a few members who are collecting GYS Community Food drive donations from Broadway and helping the GYS team to deliver meals to homes in isolation. We will let you know if more targeted support is needed and if additional volunteers are required.