The WestConnex M4 East Environmental Impact Statement [“EIS”] is currently on public exhibition until 2 November and I urge you to make a submission. Every EIS submission opposing this project could make a difference. We’ve made it easy – it will only take you a few minutes to add your details and a personalised message. 

This tollroad will rob NSW of much needed funds for public transport and lock Sydney into more car dependency for decades to come. There are a number of alternative projects that will dramatically reduce road traffic, particularly during peak periods. You can find out more at This massive, expensive tollroad will have a significant impact on the inner west including the demolition of scores of homes and businesses, reduced air quality, increased local traffic – and it is simply incompatible with making communities more liveable. Despite the huge $15.4 billion price tag, the Liberal State Government still refuses to release the WestConnex business case. The Government has been captured by the illusion that building more roads will ‘solve’ the traffic problem. In fact, building more roads encourages more car use and new roads quickly fill to capacity. It is not a long-term solution. The re-introduction of tolls on the M4 will drive more traffic on to Parramatta and Victoria Roads. The WestConnex is likely to short-change the people of western Sydney who live with poor public transport alternatives.

I encourage you to make your voice heard by completing the submission by 12pm Monday 2 November 2015.  If you need more information on this project or submission process, please contact my office on 9660 7586 or

Jamie Parker, Member for Balmain