1. The Group will work to value, retain and enhance biodiversity in Glebe and Forest Lodge, and its bays and foreshores, for current and future generations.
  2. The Group will foster the education of residents, businesses and other parties leading to an increased awareness of the value of native plants and animals in our suburb.
  3. The Group will liaise (including lobbying, and the provision of advice and feed-back) with the City of Sydney and other organisations to retain and enhance biodiversity in our suburb.
  4. By organising planting days and other events, the Group will actively promote the enhancement of biodiversity in our suburbs’ parks, school grounds, light rail corridor, and private gardens. Of special interest will be the density structure and type of plantings needed to ensure the provision of habitat for small birds.
  5. The Group will promote local bushcare volunteer organisations, who support the continued establishment and maintenance of biodiversity in our suburbs’ parks and other open spaces.
  6. The Group endorses the recommendations of the 2008 report entitled “Superb Fair-Wren Habitat in Glebe and Forest Lodge – a community based conservation project” and will work towards their implementation. 


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