A Development Application has been lodged with the City of Sydney in relation to Bellevue, for a proposal to use it as a cafe.  Submissions are invited, closing date of 24th September 2009.  The following is an extract from the Council’s Notification Letter

Site: 55 Leichhardt Street , GLEBE NSW 2037 Applicant: CITY of SYDNEY

Proposed use of Bellevue House as cafe and associated fitout. Seating capacity for 60 people (30 indoor, 30 outdoor), proposed hours of operation 6.30am – 8pm, seven days a week.

The City of Sydney has received the above Development Application. As part of the assessment process, we are notifying surrounding neighbours and property owners to seek their views on the proposal. The application is on public exhibition until 24 September 2009. (If the period finishes on a weekend, the period is extended to the next working day). During this time, you are welcome to make a submission on the proposal. You can view the full application at any of the following locations (although privacy restrictions exist for internal areas of residential buildings):

1. Online at the City’s website www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au, under ‘Development’ – ‘Development Applications’ –‘DA Notification List (Currently on Exhibition)’. The website contains all relevant details of the proposal, including plans, which can be downloaded if required. A submission can be made directly from the website.

2. In person at the following locations: CBD Level 2, Town Hall House, 456 Kent St, Sydney. Mon to Fri 8am – 6pm. GLEBE Glebe Town Hall 160 St Johns Rd, Glebe. Mon to Fri 9am – 5pm.