In April 2013 I posted the following:
  1. Copy of a Letter to Fred Nile re Planning Legislation – 2013, MLC, expressing our views about the proposed Planning Legislation. Copies of this letter were also addressed to Paul Green MLC, and to Matt Kean, MLC.
  2. The long-anticipated Planning White Paper was released on Tuesday, 16 April. The Better Planning Network response, which we believe appropriate, is reproduced below. The Paper is on exhibition for comment for just over two months, until 28 June. During this period the Society will develop a strategy for letting people in Glebe and surrounding areas know about the proposed changes, and suggest and organise ways in which they can register their concerns and opposition to their disenfranchisement on development issues. This will be in addition to the Statewide and media campaign the Better Planning Network continues to run so effectively. We will be calling for volunteers at the appropriate moment.See the Better Planning Network media release April 2013