by Judy Vergison, GYS Committee,m August 2021, from Bulletin 6/2021

Detail of GYS mural (photo: Phil Vergison)

A few months ago we put a call out for members for laptops and tablets they no longer needed to be donated to the Glebe Youth Service (GYS) . GYS arranges to loan or give these to students who did not have access to electronic devices for home schooling, or to complete assignments and school work which is now delivered using computers.

Just to let you know GYS received 14 donations which has made such a big difference to quite a few local young people’s lives. One Society member’s company (Origin Energy) provided nine laptops which had come to an end of their corporate life and were still very suitable for student use.

GYS artwork (photo: Phil Vergison)

Keiran Kevans, Manager Glebe Youth Service, asked me to give a call out and thank those who made these generous donations. I asked Keiran how they get the computers set up for the students and he advised that George from Bootstrap Computer Solutions on Glebe Point Rd does that side of things to help GYS out. So big thanks to George as well.