The 2012 Australian Honours List for 11th June includes two local residents, including a member of The Glebe Society.  Congratulations to both of them.


For service to the community through the preservation of local heritage in the Glebe region, and to local government.
Planning Convenor, The Glebe Society, since 2000; Member, since 1978; Honorary Life Member, 1991.
Councillor, Leichhardt Municipal Council, 1990-1999.
Inaugural President, City U3A, University of the Third Age, 2009-2010.
Barbara MURPHY
For service to industrial relations, and to the education sector, through a range of representative roles.
Deputy President, New South Wales Teachers Federation, 1982-1983; Senior Vice-President, 1976-1982; Executive Member, 1975-1976; Member, since ca1951.
State representative, Australian Teachers Federation.
Australian representative, International Labour Organisation.
Foundation President, Middle Harbour Teachers Association, 1974.
Executive Member, NSW Labour Council, 1979.
Equal Opportunity Officer, Sydney College of Advanced Education, 1984-1996.
Deputy Principal, Lindfield Primary School, NSW, 1984.
Teacher, NSW Department of Education, 1951-1976.
Chief Instructor, Leichhardt Dog Training Club, since 1998.