Bidura, 357 Glebe Point Road
See the separate article including our letter of objection to the Stage 1 DA.

16 Creek St, Forest Lodge
This DA has been refused as an overdevelopment, and because of its impact on the Heritage Items in Hereford St.

1 Ferry Rd
The Society has lodged an objection to this terrace with shopfront added, on the grounds of overdevelopment and adverse impact on the Heritage streetscape.

New Park at Harold Park
A report came to Council on 18 June that calls for further work on stormwater drainage from some Toxteth Estate lanes. Completion of the park is now expected in about six months.

Childcare at Record Reign Hall
St John’s Church requested a meeting on 11 June to discuss locating a childcare centre on the Church Hall site (including Record Reign Hall, a Heritage Item which will be conserved).

At the meeting with the Church, and subsequently with the CEO of GoodStart, Paul Mitchell, I suggested we hold a Public Meeting to inform residents and discuss the proposal. Paul has now responded with a suggested date and time, and hence there will be a

Public Meeting to discuss a Childcare Proposal
in Record Reign Hall
at 6pm on July 29, 2017

The proposal will be presented by GoodStart, and the Church will explain why it has made the decision. There will be an opportunity for questions from the floor.