Commonwealth Bank, 201-5 Glebe Point Rd
As previously reported, the representations of the Society have been successful, and the revamped building on this site is again proposed to house a Commonwealth Bank, employing six people. There will also be ATMs. However, this time the bank will be smaller, and there will be four dwellings on the upper floor.

Harold Park
1A The Crescent (Tramsheds): A number of businesses (mainly cafés and restaurants) have been approved for the Tramsheds, but outdoor seating has been approved for a trial period only, during which any complaints will be monitored. At the end of this period a new application will be considered. The Society will discuss with Mirvac the need for continuing consultation.

Precinct 5: Following representations from the Society and a request from Council planners, Mirvac amended this last block fronting The Crescent to increase solar access and cross-ventilation for a number of apartments, with further conditions imposed by Council. The proposal is also required to address the parkland along Johnstons Creek. All Mirvac buildings have now been approved.

The final building on the Harold Park site will be for 50 affordable housing units on a 5000 square metre site near Wigram Rd. This site will not be developed by Mirvac, but will be handed over to the City, who will arrange for a community housing organisation to supervise the project.

Federal Park Childcare
This attractive 80 place centre, designed by Perumal Pedavoli (Peru Perumal is a former Glebe Society president and planning convenor) has been approved with improved pedestrian access and a detailed landscape plan of native plantings.

The location of the proposed childcare centre on the Crescent in Federal Park. (Image: City of Sydney:
The location of the proposed childcare centre on the Crescent in Federal Park. (Image: City of Sydney:

10 Bridge Rd
This proposal for a five storey residential development in the small industrial belt opposite Blackwattle Secondary College has been withdrawn.

Durham Court, 417 Glebe Point Rd
This application for 12 townhouses has been re-notified, but as far as I am aware the only changes are those related to shoring up boundaries for the benefit of neighbours.