Many of you will know about the commencement of the water taxi service ferrying passengers to the pontoon at Campbell’s Cove from Rozelle Bay, Blackwattle Bay and Jackson’s Landing.

The water taxis can take up to 50 passengers and currently are programmed to run three services to Campbell's Cove every morning and evening on weekdays.

The introduction of this service has gained support from some sections of the community and concern from other sections.

One major issue of concern is the impact on traffic and parking at Glebe Point where the service will pick up from the wharf outside Bellevue. The parking in this area is already at a premium and the Development Application for Bellevue has just been passed by the City of Sydney. This DA will allow for the operation of a café, seven days a week, seating some 60 people. Most of the community is delighted that at long last Bellevue will be used. However there will be an impact on parking and traffic. Unlike most wharves in the Harbour there is no bus connection with this wharf.

The water taxi service will exacerbate this situation and one has to ask why such a service is not required to undertake an environmental impact study, particularly when using wharves or pontoons in closely developed urban areas.

The situation should be monitored by Council to determine any negative impacts of the service and then if necessary an alternative pick up scenario could be negotiated.

It’s a great idea but Bellevue is a greater idea and maybe there is only room for one.

– Susan Cleary


Trips on this water taxi must be booked and paid for in advance. Google "Rozelle Rocket" for timetable and booking information.