Glebe's Trams

Until the late 1950s, Glebe Point Rd boasted a thriving tram line. A small remnant of the tracks can be seen on Glebe Point Rd near the intersection with Marlborough St.

The "Memories of Trams" Mural, on the side of a terrace on the corner of Glebe Point Rd and Hereford Street, is muralist Kelly Wallwork's interpretation of Leon Manny's black and white photograph. This photograph was taken in 1953, five years before the Glebe line closed and buses replaced trams. The Glebe Society, with the support of the City of Sydney, commissioned a mural.

About the time that the tram mural was being created, the Glebe Society's Janice Challinor recorded interviews with long-time Glebe residents who personally experienced Glebe's trams. Janice also interviewed Max Solling, Glebe historian, who explained the significance of the Tramsheds for employment and social development in the Glebe and Forest Lodge area, as well as the history of Glebe's trams.

The interviews are available on YouTube with the individual interviews located at:

For much more about trams in Glebe, go to the Glebe Society web site.

R-class tram on Glebe Point Road outside the Woolcock Centre (then Sterling Pharmaceticals and later the Max Factor Building) in about 1953
(Image by Steve Terrill via Flickr)

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