We have some concerns about the shared cycle and pedestrian path that runs along the foreshore of Blackwattle Bay from the end of Glebe Point Rd to Bridge Rd. We have raised concerns with the City of Sydney about the safety of pedestrians and cyclists along this path, particularly in narrow sections of the path and at the times when cyclists are riding too quickly for the conditions. We have asked the City to take measures to ensure that cyclists ride at a safe speed.

We have been told of a recent incident involving walkers, dogs and cyclists and a near collision with a cyclist coming off a bike.

If readers share our concerns could we ask that you contact the City of Sydney on their ‘Report an Issue’ page and express your opinion on the safety of the path. If you have seen or been involved in an incident or a near miss situation along the path could you report that to the City on that page.

Feedback to the City from our members will, we think, assist in encouraging the City to take some action.