The Sesqui Show (part of Glebe’s 150th celebrations) will open at Adagio Gallery on Thursday, 6 August, and run for two weeks.

The Sesqui Show will celebrate 150 years of Glebe’s history. Artists with Glebe connections will reveal their own stories of Glebe  – then, now, and in between.

We will see beyond the walls of a huge sandstone mansion where old history was embedded and new history was created. There will be pictures of underground water channels, photos of the past, a Mombassa screen print of Glebe in the 90’s, some letterbox inspired art, paintings and drawings of Glebe and its people now.

Artists who wish to submit entries should contact:

Jan McCulloch at  Art Almanac
Shop 9 /131-145 Glebe Point Road
Glebe NSW 2037
Phone w: 96606755

Susan Ingram
Convenor, Sesqui Show
Phone h: 9692 8534