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Associated Organisations

Blackwattle Cove Coalition

What Are We?

The Blackwattle Cove Coalition (BCC) has been established from the communities of Glebe, Pyrmont and Ultimo to collaborate on matters of joint interest.

It is our primary intention to work in consultation with the Wentworth Park Sporting Complex Trust, the City of Sydney and the various State Government Departments involved in planning the future of Wentworth Park and the Blackwattle Bay foreshores.

What Are Our Objectives?

For many years much of the Blackwattle Bay hinterland has been a neglected wasteland dividing Ultimo/Pyrmont and Glebe. The Blackwattle Cove Coalition aims to pursue rejuvenation of this area and make it a significant asset to the surrounding communities by improving public access and community facilities in the Blackwattle Bay/Wentworth Park precinct. Our priorities are to achieve:

* Development of an integrated planning regime involving relevant State and local government authorities,
* Community access to the Blackwattle Bay foreshores,
* Integration of the portions of Wentworth Park presently administered separately by the City of Sydney and the Wentworth Sporting Park Complex Trust,
* Safe access to Wentworth Park and the development of community recreation facilities in the park, and
* Sympathetic development of the Bank Street, Blackwattle Bay foreshores and Fish Market sites

Who Are We?

BCC active members are residents and business people from Glebe, Pyrmont and Ultimo, drawn from the following organisations.

* The Glebe Society
* Glebe Chamber of Commerce
* Pyrmont Action Inc
* Council of Ultimo/Pyrmont Associations (CUPA)
* Ultimo Village Voice (UVV)
* The Harris Centre

Pyrmont Progress Incorporated (PPI) and Pyrmont Ultimo Chamber of Commerce have asked that they attend as observers so that communication is maintained across a broad representation. Membership is not limited and can include other community groups who share the BCC objectives.


Convenor: John Brooks
Phone: 0408 687 954


COGG – The Coalition of Glebe Groups

The Coalition of Glebe Groups (CoGG) was formed to address the need to provide the City of Sydney Council with agreed advice on priorities for the community. COGG is made up of representatives from The Glebe Society Inc., The Glebe Chamber of Commerce Inc., The Glebe Community Action Group and the Glebe Point Residents Group.  Other community groups also participate from time to time.  Representatives of the City Council and a variety of State Government bodies, such as the Department of Housing and the police force, regularly attend meetings, and most major issues affecting Glebe and Forest Lodge are discussed. The Lord Mayor often cites CoGG as a model for community representation.

For further information email Jenny Burn 

FLAG – Flying the FLAG for Forest Lodge and Glebe

FLAG (Forest Lodge and Glebe Coordination Group) is a forum for improving communication between member groups, business and government agencies in the local community. It aims to promote the area as a positive place to live and work and supports local initiatives by gathering skills, knowledge and expertise from all stakeholders.

FLAG consists of residents from the local community, along with representatives from community services, local and state governmemts and local businesses. Meetings are held bi-monthly.

Current members are:
City of Sydney
Department of Housing
Glebe Area Tenants Group
Glebe Chamber of Commerce
Glebe Child and Family Interagency
Glebe Community Action Group
Glebe Community Development Project
Glebe Faith Community
Glebe Point Residents Group
Glebe Police
Glebe Youth Service
Neighbourhood Tenant Representatives
The Glebe Society

For further information contact Ally de Pree-Raghavan, tel. 9660 3943, or email:


CityRAGs (The City of Sydney Combined Resident Action Groups)

CityRAGs is a coalition of resident groups within the City of Sydney Local Government Area. It’s aims are to protect our heritage and environment and our residential amenity, guide sustainable urban development and to enhance the social capital of the City of Sydney, in general, and our neighbourhoods, in particular. We aim to provide a forum to assist residential groups in the City of Sydney to inform, share, support and learn from each other.

This can be achieved by being non-politically and non-religiously aligned, seeking to protect and enhance our residential neighbourhoods and acting as a link between resident groups in order to achieve a much better community consultation, in particular to development applications and traffic issues affecting areas across precinct boundaries.

We seek to avoid “backyard” issues but deal with common interests only and aim to present a united view on these by learning from each other by actively sharing information and experience, facilitating regular and easy consultation through regular, face to face meetings and coordinating our activities as closely as possible in order to not interfere with each other’s events and meetings

A set of guidelines for CityRAGs was ratified at the City of Sydney Town Hall Meeting on 5 July 2005. FFI email:

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