The Glebe Society Ambassador Project commenced in 2013. Our Ambassadors offer their services to local groups that would benefit from their experience and expertise. So far, our Ambassadors are involved with three groups: Centipede at Glebe School, Glebe Schools Community Centre and The Glebe Community Development Project. Here’s an update on the Ambassador program.

Centipede: Ambassador Shirley Fitzgerald met with Kim Payne, Centipede Director, on several occasions in 2013. They are working together on a new grant application. Shirley and Kim are keen to encourage community-minded businesses to support the program. Currently, Centipede is fortunate to have the support of Galluzzo’s, which generously contributes fruit to the program every week.

Glebe Schools Community Centre: Glebe Society Ambassador, Geraldine Barnes, has assisted Kate Brennan at the Centre with a number of grant applications and acquittals. Kate is confident that the relationship will continue to flourish.

Glebe Community Development Project: Jan Macindoe, Glebe Society Ambassador for the Glebe Community Project is looking forward to getting her teeth into this job in 2014, as her services were not required by the Project in 2013.

While there has obviously been some hesitance in its gestation, this Ambassador Project now appears to be both useful to the service providers and meaningful for the Ambassadors. I’m sure our Ambassadors will continue to grow and develop their roles in 2014.

Perhaps our Ambassador program could be extended to other service providers – if appropriate Ambassadors are found. For example, as I mentioned earlier, the Glebe Justice Centre project is seeking assistance and advice from someone who is well-versed in mediation and community conflict resolution. This would be a great opportunity for a new Ambassador! 

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please contact me at 0401 505 657 or