The Fishmarket is, as we all know, enormously popular, not only with Sydney residents but with visitors as well, as we see demonstrated by the hordes that flock there day and night over the holiday season. It is a mess and smelly, but this has never deterred customers.

The recent State Government announcement, like so many in recent years, has no plan or timescale attached, let alone a feasibility study, nor has there been any community consultation. The resignation of the Urban Growth CEO, David Pitchford, suggests there hasn’t been much consultation of any kind.

While it is a great asset to have on our doorstep, there are numerous problems with the proposed move to the head of the Bay. The head of the Bay is largely wharfage, built on piles rather than land. A Market of any size will require extensive building, and even if part of it is underwater, a substantial area will need to be reclaimed. Such land as there is, like Wentworth Park itself, is entirely reclaimed land. Access will be a major problem: although unattractive, the present site includes a large carpark. Alienating waterfront land, or parkland, to provide parking would not be a popular move. Connections from the Fishmarket to the Light Rail and Wentworth Park are already poor, and one solution, to underground Bridge Rd, would be expensive. Like other State Government proposals, it would not be wise to hold your breath waiting for this one.

The structures at the head of Blackwattle Bay are built on piles, not land. Behind is Wentworth Park – on reclaimed land. (image: Phil Young)