I wrote in 2011 about a University of the Third Age course organised appropriately by Donald Denoon of the Pyrmont Action Group. The course was of an exceptionally high standard, but it left me feeling that the strata law in NSW was in a parlous state, having been introduced in the early sixties when Strata Title was a new concept and most blocks were very small. Clearly this is no longer the case, and NSW has fallen a long way behind even other Australian states.

Subsequently all parties have committed to an extensive review, for which 1900 submissions were received. Seventy changes are now proposed as a result. Some are designed to correct the imbalance between developers and those buying into a strata scheme, increasing responsibilities for developers and the rights of unit purchasers. Others are designed to improve the internal management of the schemes, making strata committees more democratic, and allowing tenants the right to attend and speak, though not to vote.

Response to the changes has so far been quite positive, and I believe they should be approved. Further changes will probably be required.