The Kitchen Pack Project was desperately short of frypans over the summer, so I asked Wayne Carveth (project supporter and cast-iron cookware devotee) to refurbish a set of cast-iron frypans. They came back fully seasoned and so smooth that they shone! We aim to refurbish cookware for our packs so that it looks ‘like new’, but these frypans were better than new. We’re waiting for final feedback from users, but preliminary indications are good. And the best news: Wayne is happy to refurbish more. So, if you have any cast-iron frypans hiding in your cupboard, please consider donating them to the Kitchen Pack Project.

A Kitchen Starter Pack sporting Wayne Carveth’s refurbished cast iron frypan. (image: Diane Hutchinson)

Aside from frypans, the items we most need at the moment are ovenware (pans/trays and dishes), strainers/colanders, mixing/salad bowls, cereal bowls (single plain white, or sets of 3 or 4 that will go with plain white plates), and basic cooking tools But we would also appreciate any other basic kitchenware. (See Kitchen Pack Project for details.)

For donations, the drop-off point is Glebe Town Hall (Aboriginal Cultural Space), second and fourth Fridays, 10am to 1pm, or you can arrange collection from your home, by emailing me at