232 Glebe Point Rd
The Society requested the balcony on this large Victorian dwelling divided into flats should be reinstated in its original form. As is often the case, the Society was able to support this position from the recommendations in the Glebe Main Street Study Stage 2. The Study has been used consistently to secure better development outcomes in Glebe’s principal street since its publication in 1991.The City agreed with this view, and it appears that if the owner proposes otherwise, he will have to appeal to the Court.

The Study is now old and out of date. It would be of much greater use if it were revised to take account of the changes over the last years.

232 Glebe Point Rd (image: Phil Young)

16 Glebe Point Rd
This is the site of the Clipper Café, and the proposal is for a three storey building at the rear for a total of five single rooms. The proposal claims a development bonus by virtue of being for affordable housing, but there is no evidence this is so, and the site is far too small for a boarding house.

202 Glebe Point Rd
Renovations for this Heritage Item include restoration of the original stucco work to match that on 198.

Bellevue, Blackwattle Bay Park
The property was open a couple of weeks ago, so I walked in and spoke to the new lessee. He is well aware of local concerns and will do what he can to address them, in accordance with the existing approval. He is also aware of the impact of weather conditions on patronage. The renovation is well underway and he expects Bellevue to be open by summer