Durham Court, 417 Glebe Point Rd
A new proposal for the original building to be extended and divided into two, and for six new townhouses at the rear, is being advertised for this controversial site. It is very large, and consequently has many neighbours, including a number of Glebe Society members.

At this stage it is likely the Society will comment, and other individuals will put in objections based on how they are affected.

The closing date is 13 November.

Planning Proposal for 225-279 Broadway
This proposal is now on public exhibition until 6 November. There is a hard copy available at the One Stop Shop at Glebe Library.

It would appear that some of the building owners (all the buildings are commercial) would like to see this strip redeveloped at a higher density, with new buildings up to four storeys high. The large Edwardian building at 255 is already that large, and is proposed to be a Heritage Item. If you have concerns, especially about losing any of the current buildings, you may wish to let me know, or lodge your own objection by 6 November.

Bellevue, 55a Leichhardt St
At the time of writing, this popular café is due to shortly under its existing limited approval.

The new DA for a restaurant and extended hours came before the Local Planning Panel last month, and has been deferred until the November meeting, pending further discussion between the lessee and Council.