I gave evidence on 28 January at an on-site Court hearing about a rear lane development proposal for the corner of Mitchell St and Derwent Lane. The Society was concerned about this proposal because it was at the rear of a Heritage Item, the former Waratah Hotel (1864), the oldest former hotel in Glebe with a completely intact exterior. It is also very close to the original land grant to Richard Johnson in 1790, and there is quite a lot of building stone on the site. Moreover, while there has been some development in the Bishopthorpe section of Mitchell St, it has been modest in scale and respectful of the Conservation Area.

This new proposal was for a pair of three storey terraces on a small site. We managed to reduce it to two storeys with room in the roof, reduce the site coverage, save the trees, and have the car entrance from Derwent Lane. While the final plans are still being negotiated, it is a significant improvement, and a good sign the City is prepared to fight in court for a better result.