As I told you recently, we have as a Society committed to our Strategy 2013-2019: Engaging Glebe. The strategy is here on our website. So we could get our strategy right and all commit to it, we held workshops and discussions and broadcast drafts. We put a lot of effort and time into getting it right.

All subcommittees and the management committee analyse how their activities contribute to Engaging Glebe and you can do the same. No big deal. Just read and choose one item where you can make a difference. Let me know about it. It could be as simple as letting your community know about our Website or Facebook or letting me know of a few ideas.

We have been Engaging Glebe through our committees and officers over the last few months. Most of this will be reported by others but let me tell you of a few. The Glebe Society chaired the Coalition of Glebe Groups for 2013 and you can see what was done in The Report of COGG Chair 2013 which is on the Glebe Society website (

The Glebe Society accepted an invitation to represent the community on the Sydney Superyacht Marina Community Consultative Committee. This should not be seen as an endorsement of the committee’s manner of formation. It is likely that there will be more community consultative committees formed as development continues in the inner city and it seems reasonable that at least the conditions required of mining development in NSW should apply. The Sydney Superyacht Marina Community Consultative Committee did not.

We are working hard on a celebration of the heritage listing of the Glebe Island Bridge. This ‘secret’ bridge is not only significant in its heritage but also its potential to link Balmain and the City network for pedestrians, cyclists and light rail.

If you doubt that the Bridge is secret then ‘stoppe ye one in three’ and ask, ‘by your long grey beard and rheumy eye now where doth Glebe Island Bridge be?’

Social and Affordable Housing Inquiry

The Glebe Society submission to the NSW Parliament’s Inquiry into Social and Affordable Housing found here.