Are you interested in these matters?

  • Standing up for public transport
  • Keeping the private operator of Glebe’s bus services up to scratch
  • Opposing grandiose road projects affecting Glebe
  • Ensuring new developments don’t go ahead without proper traffic planning
  • Lobbying for safe cycle ways and safe pedestrians access in Glebe and Forest Lodge

If so, the role of Convenor, Transport and Traffic for the Glebe Society will interest you.

After seven years I am standing down as the Transport and Traffic Convenor. It has been very satisfying work; coming to grips with the State Government’s Master Transport Plan back in 2012, promoting public transport, negotiating the vagaries of the parking rules in Glebe, lobbying government, the City and the politicians. Community interest in these things is important – press from our community helped change the original plans for WestConnex, relieving Glebe of the nightmare of road tunnels being mined under our houses and the insanity of traffic portals on Parramatta Rd.

There are many challenges ahead; pushing for separated cycleways to give cyclists safe passage through Glebe, somehow convincing the City to take measures to reduce reckless cycling along the shared foreshore path, keeping our local bus services up to standard and dealing with the traffic issues around the proposed new Fishmarkets. If you are interested in taking on the role please get in touch with our vice-president Diane Hutchinson whose contact details appear on the penultimate page of this Bulletin.

Murray Jewell, former convenor, Transport and Traffic subcommittee, demonstrating his mastery of local transport (image: Carole Herriman)