98 Bridge Rd Glebe when it was a corner shop
98 Bridge Rd Glebe today

with Lyn Collingwood, 1 August 2020

It was a corker, and no surprise that no one identified it! Compared to the cluttered place it was c.1919, the spot is a blank facade today. It’s 98 Bridge Rd near Lyndhurst St. In front of the shop is one of the three sons of the widowed confectioner tenant.

Cadbury’s Cocoa is still manufactured but Signet aromatic tobacco and TADS (The Australian Direct Supply Mineral Water Company at Redfern) soft drinks have gone, together with other products advertised here. Whether the library sign is a remnant from an earlier use or whether there were a few books inside for fee-borrowing is unknown.

In 1927 Glebe Council decided the shop’s awning was an encroachment on the footpath and ordered the property’s owner Amelia Elizabeth Marshall to remove it. Thanks to Melissa Brooks who contacted the Society via Facebook with this photograph. The boy in the photo is Melissa’s great-grandfather.