Glebe Society Bulletins – a great resource

The first general meeting of the Glebe Society was held on 19 June 1969. The first Bulletin, Vol. 1 No 1, was published in July 1969. Since then, Bulletins have appeared regularly, usually 10 each year.

Early Bulletins were produced using Roneo, ‘cut and stick’ and other primitive methods. Since 1993, various desktop programs have been used, giving a much more professional appearance. However the content throughout has been topical and relevant to the Society’s members. It can also be of use to a much wider readership.

By clicking on ‘previous Bulletins’ on the Glebe Society website, you can access copies of almost every Bulletin. It was easy to upload those published since 1993, but the earlier issues are much more labour-intensive, and the work continues.

Eileen Lacey

Eileen with Julian’s family (Eileen on the left, Julian on the right). (image supplied by Julian Laffey)

Recently our Webmaster, Andrew Botros, passed on an enquiry about Eileen Lacey. Julian Laffey, a distant cousin, had lost contact with Eileen; and I was able to provide some information. We had both been on the Glebe Society Committee in the 1980s.

Eileen was a Real Estate agent. She lived in a ground floor apartment in Avona Towers, Forsyth St, and was a ‘cat lady’. She left Glebe suddenly in the 1980s and went to the Gold Coast in Queensland. I visited her there one afternoon in 1988 while I was on holiday nearby.

Unfortunately I later had a letter from a solicitor, in response to my Christmas card, saying that she had died. I was later told by another Real Estate agent in Glebe that she had gone to Queensland to die quietly of cancer.

Julian thanked me for my recollections of Eileen Lacey. She was a relative of his mother, but he wasn’t sure what the connection was. Julian had met her a few times in the 80s – ‘she was always so kind’.

If you have any other memories, you might like to send them to Julian (