Australian Brush-turkey (male) at Taronga Zoo (photo: Roger Smith, Flickr)

From Bulletin 9 of 2020

A number of people have reported seeing Brush-turkeys (Alectura lathami) around Glebe. It turns out that quite a few have made this area their home, including building lovely mounds for incubating their eggs.

As long ago as 2016, members of the Society have reported seeing the Brush-turkey


A good way to record your sighting is in the app called Brush-turkeys – Birds in Suburbia. Recorded on the app are sightings around Johnstons Creek, Cook St, Bellevue St., Westmoreland St, Mt Vernon St and St Johns Rd. There have been quite a few sightings around Wigram Rd, Booth St and Upper Rd as well. Photos can be uploaded to the app, as well as the location of the sighting.

If you have a photo of a Brush-turkey in Glebe or Forest Lodge and would like to share it in the Bulletin, please email it to