Richard Spencer will be the guest speaker at "Glebe Voices" on 19th April, at 6.00 p.m. for a 6.30 p.m. start.  Food may be ordered on arrival.  The location for the April event will be at the Ancient Briton hotel, in the private Upstairs room (behind the fish tanks), corner of Glebe Point Road and Bridge Road. 

The title of his talk is "Do we really care?  Investing in our communities."  Richard has 20 years' experience in working with communities at local and international level.  In his most recent position as CEO of The Benevolent Society, Richard re-defined the purpose of the Society in creating caring and inclusive communities.  Richard will lead this Glebe Voices session by outlining his experiences of supporting communities to become "great" communities.  The topic will then be open for discussion with a focus on what this might mean for Glebe as a whole, and strategies for action towards creating a "great" community.

A variety of snacks, meals and beverages may be purchased at the venue.  All welcome.  No charge.  Bookings not required.

Glebe Voices is an initiative of the Glebe Society to introduce a series of talks by local residents.  The Ancient Briton is making the space available as part of their support for the Glebe community.